Simon Prize

  • The Simon Prize for Excellence in Mathematics


    Awarded to girls in each grade who show interest, aptitude, and achievement in the field of mathematics

    Prizes will be given to one recipient in grade 7, two recipients in grade 6 and three recipients in grade 5.
    Each prize will consist of:

    • A cash award for
      $300 for Grade
      $100 each for Grade 6 (2 recipients)
      $50 each for Grade 5 (3 recipients).
    • The opportunity to select an age-appropriate activity, such as a summer camp or a summer class, that would provide an enriched experience in mathematics and/or mathematical applications sometime during the summer or next school year. Registration fee will be paid by SIMON PRIZE.
    • Support for the girls as they move forward in their academic experience in mathematics, including, but not limited to, an opportunity for a $100 cash award in grade 8 and $150 in grade 9.

    See the document “Junior High Benefits for Prize Winners” on the SMS website (FOR STUDENTS tab) for details. 

    In addition to the Prize winners, other girls may receive awards based on the quality of their applications:

    • As many as three $100 awards in Grade 7.
    • As many as two $50 awards in Grade 6.
    • As many as two $25 awards in Grade 5.

    The awards will be given in May and will be based on the following criteria:

    • Grades in mathematics with special attention given to the rigor of the course in which a girl is enrolled.
    • Arkansas Aspire test scores from grades 4 through 6 as available.
    • Performance on a special mathematics test given at SMS to Prize applicants.
    • Exemplary performance displayed
      1. on projects that are assigned by a classroom teacher as part of course requirements or an additional topic beyond what is required by the teacher.
      2. by participating in extra activities that require the knowledge of mathematics and the ability to apply mathematics to problem solving.
    • A narrative explaining why the applicant is interested in mathematics and how receiving a Simon Prize would help her attain her academic and career goals.
    • Teacher recommendations.

    We strongly suggest that you access the “Preparing to Apply” and “How to Get an Application” documents on the SMS website ("FOR STUDENTS” tab) for helpful information. 

    On-line application forms will be available beginning in February.

    See additional information about the Prize at the SMS website,

    Send questions/inquiries to

    This opportunity for students at Simon Middle School is privately funded by Phyllis and Ray Simon, for whom our school is named.