Pre-K Covid-19 Information

  • Dear Parents/Guardians-

    The circumstances surrounding the start of the 2020-21 School Year are unprecedented and uncertain. Our program is working hard each day with multiple agencies to plan for the coming year; however, decisions we make today could possibly change tomorrow because of state regulations that are out of our control. This page is subject to change and we will be adding new information as more decisions are made. 

    Thank you for your patience.


    Student Drop off & Pick up Procedures

    • At this time parents/guardians will not be allowed inside the buildings and will be required to wear masks while waiting to drop off and pick up their child
    • Drop off and Pick up (Health and Safety Checkpoint) will be located outside your child’s classroom door between 7:50-8:15. After 8:15 you must check in at the front office for drop off. 
    • At the Health & Safety Checkpoint the child’s temp will be checked & questions answered
    • Children will be required to sanitize their hands before entering the school building. (Hand sanitizer will be available at each drop off/pick up location.)
    • Parents/guardians will need to acknowledge that their child does not have any symptoms and has not been in contact with anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days every morning before leaving their child.
    • A Pre-K staff member will sign in and sign out your child everyday for attendance. (Parents/guardians will complete a form at Orientation to give that staff member permission to sign in/out on your behalf.) 


    School Supplies

    Pre-K asks parents to provide the following for their child:

    • Backpack

    For the 2020-2021 school year, all pre-k students will receive the following:

    • a reusable water bottle (parents can send a different water bottle with their child if they want, but one will be provided)
    • all other school supplies like crayons, markers, paper, play dough, paint, ect.
    • Students will have individualized supply boxes to help lower the spread of germs from sharing supplies.
    • Blanket for nap time


    Classroom Procedures

    Below are what you can expect to happen in all of our pre-k classrooms:

    • Classroom arrangements will be adjusted to provide extra distance between students.
    • All staff members will wear masks while within 6 feet of others.
    • Staff can remove masks while students are on the playground, but must keep the masks with them so they can assist children while playing.


    Center Time Procedures 

    • Students will have 220 minutes of center based play.
    • Centers include, but are not limited to: library, blocks, dramatic play, math, art, writing, and play-dough.
    • Each center has a maximum number of students that can play there at a time, ranging from 2-4 students.
    • Students will rotate through centers for a designated time. Centers will be cleaned daily.
    • ANY toy that is put in a child's mouth or sneezed on will be removed from the center until that item can be properly sanitized by staff.
    • Items like dress-up clothes and pillows will be sanitized and laundered weekly.
    • Every student will have individual and labeled containers for play-dough, sensory items, and art/writing utensils like crayons, markers.
    • This will ensure that we are allowing students to play and still be creative, while also trying to maintain the cleanest play spaces possible.


    Rest Time Procedures

    All Pre-k classrooms have 1 hour and 15 minutes scheduled for rest time. Here are the rest time procedures to ensure your child's safety:

    • Cots will be at least 3 feet apart (if not more)
    • All children will alternate directions in which they lay down so that it limits the direct contact and adds more distance between children's faces.
    • Sheets/Blankets are laundered weekly. (If a COVID-19 outbreak occurs then sheets will be removed immediately and bagged and laundered the same day.) 
    • Cots will need to be sprayed with a sanitizer daily as needed throughout the week.
    • Cots will be sprayed and disinfected when changing out sheets.


    Restroom Procedures

    Here are the Restroom Procedures we have in place:

    • Restrooms are deep cleaned by a custodian at least once a day during school hours and either once before or after school. 
    • Restrooms will also be monitored/sanitized by Pre-K staff.
    • Students will wash their hands after each time they use the restroom.
    • Staff will sanitize their hands and/or change gloves before helping the next student use the restroom


    Gross Motor Procedures

    Playing is IMPORTANT and a big part of our Pre-K program. In fact we have 60 minutes of minimum gross motor play everyday! Here is how we will ensure your child's safety while they play outside:

    • We have adjusted our daily schedule so that fewer children are on each playground at one time. 
    • Students will take water bottles that are labeled with their names so that they do not have to share a water fountain or risk spreading germs.
    • Teachers carry backpacks while on the playground that have first aid items like band aids, instant ice pack, gauze, ect.
    • Playground equipment will be sanitized throughout the day and disinfected daily with a commercial grade bleach approved spray.


    Staff Procedures

    All of our staff will ensure your child's safety and their own by following the procedures below:

    • Wear masks when within 6 ft of others. 
    • Sanitize and wash hands frequently throughout the day including before and after helping a child use the restroom, serving food, cleaning tables or toys.
    • When staff is on their breaks or eating lunch they will maintain 6ft social distancing in the lounge or staff break rooms.
    • Staff lounges and work rooms will limit the number of people allowed in the space based on room size.
    • Staff bathrooms will be sanitized & deep cleaned at least once throughout the school day.
    • Staff will also follow set procedures laid out on this website to ensure your child's safety throughout the day.