Conway Public Schools' Inclement Weather Policies and Procedures

  • Here are some important reminders about our policies and procedures for inclement weather in the Conway Public Schools:

    1. The safety of our students and staff (and parents!) is always our first concern.
    2. The decision whether to have school is sometimes easy and sometimes tricky. If we do not believe the roads throughout the district are safe to drive buses on and for parents and students to drive on, we will not have school. There will be times when the roads are clear in the city but rural, shaded sections of roads are not safely passable. If that is the case, we will not have school.
    3. It is not always possible, but we will make every effort to make our decision about whether or not we are having school by 5:00 pm prior to the day we might not have school or 5:30 am of the day we might not have school.
    4. If we are having school, we will not make any announcement: “No news is good news.”
    5. If we are not having school, we will make the announcement first through our Conway Schools Mobile App. The App allows our parents to receive push notifications, text messages, and emails. Download our app today in the App Store or on Google Play!
    6. We will also notify our parents with a phone call and using social media . If you have not been receiving messages from Conway Schools this year, make sure we have updated contact information for you at your child’s school.
    7. We will give our closings information to local television stations.
    8. If we have to close school, we will have AMI days. Students should log in to Schoology for assignments.
    9. If conditions warrant, we may open school on a 2-hour delay. If this happens, everything moves back exactly two hours. (For example, if a bus normally picks up your student at 7:10—it would pick him up at 9:10.) On a 2-hour delay, school will officially begin at 10:00 am.
    10. If conditions warrant, we may have school, but run our buses using our school bus snow routes.