Branding Standards


    Wampus Cat

    Conway Public Schools is very proud of our students and staff, and our branding reflects this pride. The "Home of the Wampus Cats," Conway Schools has one of the most unique mascots in the nation. Our 6-legged cat ("4 to run at the speed of light, 2 to fight with all its might!") embodies the tenacious and competitive spirit of all our teams and activities.

    As leaders, we have worked hard to consistently brand our district with official logos and colors that represent the excellence and integrity of Conway Public Schools. You will find our branding standards and recommended Style Guide. Please join with us as we come together to support the Wampus Cats, always looking our best and giving the finest impression of our Conway schools that we can!

    Thank you again for supporting our students and our schools!  Go Wampus Cats!

    Heather Kendrick
    Communication Specialist
    Conway Public Schools

Brand Guidelines

    1. Do not alter the proportions of the logo
    2. Make sure the logo is legible- do not layer words or other images over the logo, make it a size that is readable, and leave an empty border around the logo
    3. Do not change the color of the logo


    If you have any questions or need any assistance, please email 


  • To try to maintain continuity, please use the fonts below in documents and on projects when available. 


    Buinton Regular

    Factoria Ultra Sheared / Factoria Ultra



    Acumin Condensed Bold / Acumin Medium 



    Helvetica Regular / Helvetica Bold

    Arial Regular / Arial Bold

CPSD Logo Files

Apple Logo

Color Guide

  • Conway Blue

    "Wampus Cat" Blue

    Pantone 286 U

    C = 91  M = 75  Y = 1  K = 0

    R = 46  G = 85  B = 165

     HEX# 2e55a5




    Pantone 428 C

    C = 24  M = 17  Y = 16  K = 0

    R = 193  G = 197  B = 200

    HEX# c1c5c8




    C = 0  M = 0  Y = 0  M = K

    R = 255  G = 255  B = 255

    HEX# ffffff