State Required Information for C & I

CPSD Dyslexia Services Report

  • Conway Public Schools- EOY Dyslexia Info 2020-2021


    Background Information on Dyslexia Legislation

    In accordance with ACT 1039, school districts are required to report on the school district website or in writing to the parents of each student the dyslexia services provided the previous school year. Reporting requirements include the dyslexia intervention programs used during the previous school year that were specifically responsive to assisting students with dyslexia; the number of students during the previous school year who received dyslexia intervention; and the total number of students identified with dyslexia during the previous school year. These website reporting requirements are required before July 15, 2018 and each year thereafter.

    Screenings and Assessments

    ACT 1039 requires universal screening of students in grades K-2 in the areas of encoding, decoding, phonological awareness, sound/symbol recognition, rapid naming, and alphabet knowledge as well as selective screening in grades 3-12.  Conway Public Schools currently uses a combination of the following but is not limited to them:  Acadience Reading Assessment Measures, DSA (Developmental Spelling Analysis, Ganske), AR-RAN (Arkansas Rapid Automatized Naming Screener), STAR Early Literacy, STAR Reading, PAST (Phonological Awareness Skills Test, Kilpatrick), Decoding Assessment, Quick Phonics Screener, and PASS (Phonological Awareness Skills Screener). 


    During the 2020-2021 school year, the total number of students identified with Dyslexia was 395. During the 2020-2021 school year, the total number of students receiving Dyslexia intervention was 358. (Please note these data are from June 2021. As students enter or leave the district, these numbers may fluctuate.)


    During the 2020-2021 school year, Conway Public Schools used the following dyslexia intervention programs: Connections OGin3D developed by The Apple Group, Barton Reading and Spelling System authored by Susan Barton, Alphabetic Phonics, and Phonics First developed by RLAC.  These programs are approved by DESE of ADE for dyslexia intervention. At each campus, CPSD currently has instructional facilitators, interventionists, classroom and specialty area teachers as well as other ancillary staff members delivering each program in accordance with the fidelity requirements set forth by the authors/developers of each program.