Gifted and Talented

Identification Process


  • In the Conway School District, a student's recommended services are based on multiple criteria. No single criterion or cut-off score is used to include or exclude a student. Procedures for obtaining information about students are non-discriminatory and includes at least two objective and two subjective assessment methods. The "multiple criteria" consists of the following categories:

    Achievement Scores (Objective Assessment): Criterion-Referenced Assessment and Norm-Referenced Assessment

    Mental Ability Scores (Objective Assessment): Verbal Ability, Non-Verbal Ability, and Creative Ability Assessment

    Behavior Characteristics (Subjective Assessment): Parent Survey and Teacher Survey

    Performance Rating Scales (Subjective Assessment): Observational Survey and Classroom Performance

    Identification of gifted and talented students is an ongoing process. Referrals for service consideration can be made by anyone at any time and the referral form is located at the bottom of this page. Conway has created a timeline for the mass review of students to ensure all students are considered for placement in the Conway Gifted and Talented Program and there is no limited number recommended for services.  


Individual Referral Process

  • Starting in the spring of a student’s 2nd grade year, teachers, parents, and peers can refer students for services in the gifted program at any time. Contact the school's GT Site Specialist for more information about the individual referral process. You may also use the link below to make a referral.

    Refer your child for the gifted program 

    Refer your child for the gifted program (Spanish version) 

    If you have questions about the process or placement decisions, please contact your child's GT Specialist at your child's school.  

Mass Screening and Referral Process

  • 1. Teachers and the Gifted Specialist observe students in the K-4 Gifted Enrichment Program and collect observational data on students to be used during the identification process.

    2. All 2nd grader students take an objective assessment in late January or February.

    3. GT Specialists review observational data as well as assessment results on both the Intellectual and Achievement scores in the spring.

    4. Referred students receive additional testing in the area of intellectual ability and creative thinking and feeling.

    5. The additional testing data is reviewed on referred students and brought to the District Identification Committee. The District Identification Committee considers all referred students and makes the final placement decision.

Appeal Process

  • Step 1: Request an initial meeting with the Gifted and Talented Specialist at your child's school within 10 days of receiving the notification of recommended services. (Contact the GT Supervisor if the letter is received during summer.)

    Step 2: If the decision is still unsatisfactory, a written formal appeal may be submitted. (See your child's GT Specialist for the form) Upon receipt of a formal notice of appeal, the GT Supervisor may collect additional information/data concerning the student. A district appeals committee of at least 5 professional educators, chaired by the District GT Supervisor, will review the appeal.

    ​Step 3: The decision will be based on multiple criteria and communication regarding a decision will be made to the referring party in writing. The decision by the Appeals Committee is final.

New Parent Referral Information

Grade Acceleration

  • Criteria to be considered:
    1. A student must be recommended for consideration for grade-skipping by a parent or school employee, i.e. a teacher, counselor, or an administrator.
    2. The student must present evidence of high intellect and high classroom achievement (grades).
    3. Scores from criterion-referenced testing must be in the advanced range.
    4. Evidence of a combination of the following information: At least two consecutive years' nationally norm-referenced achievement test scores at the 99th percentile* and teacher recommendation forms.
    *Exception to this rule for students entering kindergarten or first grade 

    ​After "Steps before whole grade skipping" is complete and the option to proceed with acceleration is indicated, contact the GT specialist or principal at your child’s school, or the District GT Supervisor and request an acceleration parent packet. 

    Note: A concern noted in several publications regarding acceleration is whether the size or body build of the student is appropriate when compared to that of students in the grade into which he/she is to be promoted. Parents must acknowledge both the intellectual and physical maturation of the students in the grade into which their child will be placed.