CPSD Advanced Placement Program

  • As AP students and parents, there are several things you need to know.

    AP Exam
    Students enrolled in an AP class will take an AP Exam in May to qualify for college credit and
    receive a weighted score. 

    College Board Account
    You need to have a College Board Account! You will 
    register for your AP class in the first week of school. Your same College Board account log in is used for PSAT, SAT and AP, so if you have ever created an account for one of these, you have it done! Please do not create a 2nd account. If you do, it could prevent all of your SAT scores or AP scores from going to the correct collegeYou can create an account or verify that you have an account at www.collegeboard.org. 

    Here are some helpful hints for setting up your account or verifying the information if you already have an account:

    1. Make sure the student's name is on the account! I know this sounds obvious, but a few parents have created accounts in the past to view PSAT scores. You do not want mom or dad’s name on your AP or SAT scores when you apply to college (this has happened before). 
    2. The students must have their own e-mail address associated with their account. This cannot be a school email address because it does not actually accept e-mails. If you forget your log in, College Board will send you an e-mail to reset it, so you have to be able to get the e-mail. This should not be the parent’s e-mail address either. If you already have an account, please check this and change it if necessary.
    3. If you have problems with your account, please contact College Board. High schools are not linked to them at all, so we cannot help with issues and they will not talk to the counselor on your behalf. 
    4. Please put your College Board log in somewhere on your phone, in the notes or a photo of the username and password. You will use this many times in high school, so you’ll want to remember it.
    AP Exam Fees
     The state pays for exams for students enrolled in the course. However, if students choose to take an exam in which they are not enrolled, the fee for each exam is $90. 
    Late, Cancellation and No Show Fees 
    The AP Exams change deadline is Nov. 8. If anyone decides to enroll in a course or drop a course after Nov. 8, there is a $40 fee. Should a student not take the exam in May for any reason, parents/students are responsible for the $40 unused/cancellation feeAlso note, failing to take an AP exam for a course will result in a lower GPA, which can affect possible scholarships.
    Please email Sally Stuart, Program Supervisor, if you have any questions regarding AP.