Parent Reminders

  • We want to say “thank you” to our parents for your support and patience as we work together to do school a little differently this year. We know this has been an adjustment for everyone. Using a Learning Management System and/or doing school virtually is new for all of us. Remembering this and allowing adequate time to adjust is essential for success as we move forward. We are very proud of our students, parents, and staff for all of their hard work. 

    Here are a few important things we’ve learned the last few weeks that will help learning go smoothly.

    Parents should familiarize themselves with the Learning Management System (Seesaw- K-4 or Schoology 5-12) and monitor students’ work and progress. Parent Codes for Schoology were distributed last week. If you do not have a parent code, please email your child’s teacher.

    We have added some additional resources to our website to help parents with Schoology:

    Not every activity/assignment in the Learning Management Platform will be graded.  Both Seesaw and Schoology allow teachers to upload resources, practice activities, information, etc. for the students. (This replicates a classroom environment where there are handouts, in-class discussions, etc.)  

    When you need help: 

    If you have difficulties with assignments or activities, please contact your child’s teacher.

    If you have issues with technology (difficulty logging in, etc.), please email 

    Virtual Learners:

    Even though students may be virtual, teachers are still teaching all day onsite. So just like in years’ past, your child’s teacher is not available to reply to an email or phone call, schedule a zoom session, or grade an assignment at any given time throughout the day. 

    Here are the parameters CPSD has set for our teachers with regards to virtual learning:

    Teachers will respond to all parent messages within 24 business hours.

    The teacher workday is Monday-Friday, 8am-4 pm.

    Teachers may offer designated online “office hours” during the day/week for students to get help if needed.

    Elementary teachers will zoom with virtual students each week. Zoom times may be adjusted by your child’s teacher depending on the week’s activities or your child’s needs.

    Secondary teachers will offer interactive weekly zoom sessions in accordance with the building’s weekly schedule.

    Virtual Student Zoom Sessions:

    Classroom zooms are for students only. (Not parents.)

    Students should have a designated quiet place in the home, free from distraction, for their zoom sessions.

    Students should log in a few minutes early, with everything they need to be ready to learn when the session begins, and plan to stay through the entire session.

    If parents have questions about the student zoom session, please email the teacher. 

    Onsite students:

    Please screen your students for possible illness before they leave for school each morning, and do not send your child to school if they have a fever.

    Your child should bring their school-issued Chromebook to school, fully-charged, each day.

    Please be sure your student wears a facial covering/face mask to school each day. School nurses recommend bringing an extra one and also a personal hand sanitizer as well.

    Thank you for partnering with us to make the 2020-21 school year successful.