CPSD 2021-22 School Year

Important Parent Reminders

  • Please call your child's school if...

    • Your student tests positive for COVID-19
    • Someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19
    • Your student was exposed to someone outside of school who tests positive for COVID-19

Also Remember...

    •  If your student is tested for COVID, you may not send them to school while awaiting the test results. 
    • If a parent or household member is COVID-positive, please keep your child home from school.

    • With COVID or any illness, your child must be fever free without medication for 48 hours before returning to school. 

    • If your child is quarantined for an outside exposure to COVID (exposed while not in school), please bring the appropriate documentation to the school nurse when your child returns to school. 

CPSD 2021-22 COVID Information

  •          UPDATED School Board Decision Regarding Mask Wearing in CPSD- EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 18, 2021

    Beginning Monday October 18th, masks will no longer be required during the school day for Conway Schools students and staff. Masks will still be optional for anyone choosing to wear one.

    All current Arkansas Department of Health guidelines concerning reporting positive cases and identifying individuals for quarantine are still in effect.

               Mitigation Efforts 

    • The district will continue to use cleaning and sanitation protocols that were in place last year.
    • The district will continue to use health and safety protocols that were in place last year (Students must be fever/symptom free for 48 hours before returning to school, etc.).
    • The district will provide excused absences for students who are out due to COVID or quarantine with appropriate documentation.  Students will be allowed to keep up with work while out and make-up work when they return to school.
    • Visitors to campus will be limited to specific, education-related purposes. (ex. parent conference) This does not apply to voluntary events such as Meet the Teacher Night, athletic events, music concerts, etc.

      Quarantine Procedures

    • The district will follow the quarantine requirements as required by the state. 
    • Fully-vaccinated individuals will not be required to quarantine if they remain symptom free.
    • Exposed individuals will not be required to quarantine if both the positive case and the exposed individual(s) were correctly wearing masks.
    • Quarantined individuals can return after 10 full days (day 11) or after 7 full days (day 8) with a negative COVID test on Day 5.
    • Individuals who have recovered from COVID within the last 90 days will not be required to quarantine, provided they do not develop symptoms.

      AAA COVID Guidelines for Student Athletes

    • CPSD athletes will continue to follow AAA Return to Play Protocol.

      Notification & Reporting Procedures

    • The district will still be required to report positive cases and identify individuals for quarantine to the AR Health Department.
    • Schools will send out automated parent notifications if there is a positive case in a school/building.  Parents of affected students will receive a personal call from a school official. 
    • The district will track case and quarantine statistics and report the district data on our website.

      Other Procedures 

    • The district will be able to use virtual learning strategies if a school has to close temporarily; furthermore, individual students who have to quarantine will access instruction via the learning management system. 
    • The district will encourage families to notify the school if their student has been fully vaccinated.  Nurses have a way to verify this information in the state vaccination database in possible quarantine situations.
    • The district will provide information to families about where they can get vaccinated, along with other parent resources, on our website.
    • The district will proactively and continuously communicate with parents/families regarding changes or new developments during this school year. 
    • Individuals waiting on COVID test results should remain at home until test results are confirmed.

      At-Home Quarantine Protocols for Students

    • All CPSD students will have a district-issued chromebook and assignments will be posted on Seesaw (K-4) and Schoology (5-12) for quarantined students.
    • There will not be Zooms, live teaching, or meetings with teachers.
    • These will be make-up assignments similar to what is used for inclement weather days or when students miss school for a non-covid-related illness. 

      Contingency Actions

    • Decisions to close a school or the district will be made in conjunction with guidance from the Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
    • CPSD will continue to monitor/follow state guidance as provided. 

COVID-19 Reminders and Updates:

  • CPSD COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols