• Even on the go, you can be part of the PTO!

    PTO needs your help! Please take a moment to look through committees/events to see how you can get involved. Complete the attached form with your contact information and your committee/event choices and return. 


  • Homeroom parents

    Do you want to be involved directly with your child’s homeroom classroom? Homeroom parent serves as the point of contact for your child’s class to communicate/email PTO related information. Responsibilities also include emailing parents who volunteered to send birthday snacks and coordinating the two homeroom class parties. 


    Stallion Stampede

    Event in May

    The Stallion Stampede is the annual field day event for JSE. Outside games, water play, and/or fun events are set up to teach healthy competition and sportsmanship as well as promote teamwork. Students look forward to this fun day every year. Committee responsibilities include: help planning the field day activities, volunteering to lead stations, and volunteer to pass out snacks. 


    Yearbook Committee Members

    Do you enjoy taking pictures and organizing photos? If so, the yearbook committee is your spot. Responsibilities include taking pictures and/or soliciting pictures from parents of kids at school events (i.e., field trips, parties, events). The final project is to organize and put together the school yearbook.

  • Hospitality Committee

    The goal of the hospitality committee is to create a welcoming atmosphere by organizing and setting up refreshments, food, decorations, etc. for the school. Hospitality events include parent/teacher conferences (October and March) and beginning of the year welcome back activities. Also monthly treats for JSE staff.  


    Grandparents Day Committee

    Event in November

    This committee is responsible for planning the day to honor grandparents or special friends. Responsibilities include coordinating and planning food for the day. We also need volunteers to staff the hospitality room and direct grandparents/special friends to the correct rooms/locations. 

  • Teacher Appreciation Committee

    Event First week of May

    Do you have a heart and passion to love on the amazing teachers and staff at JSE? Join the teacher appreciation committee to help organize, collaborate, and execute Teacher Appreciation week at JSE. We want you as parents to feel a part of this week, and we welcome ideas. One meeting is held in January to discuss theme, décor, door prizes, fabulous gifts, etc. and another one in April to finalize plans.  This is not time consuming if we all do a small part. Your involvement could be running a few errands to gather supplies, grabbing sonic drinks and delivering to teachers, being a helping hand when decorating, helping pick up gift cards, completing a small craft for decorations at home with your kids, making signs, etc.


  • PTO BOARD 2021-2022

    President:  Emily McCarron

    Vice President:  Brittney McBride

    Secretary:  Jennie Beard

    Treasurer:  Brittney McBride

    Homeroom Mom Coordinator:  Ashley Boozer

    Yearbook Coordinator: Megan Augustine

    Hospitality Coordinator: Emily McCarron