RDMS Announcements

  • RDMS BOO-Grams will be sold Oct. 26-28 during lunch. Students can purchase these for $0.50 each and send them to themselves or a friend.
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  • RDMS: BOO Grams next week!
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  • RDMS: Makeup Picture Day will be Nov. 11 from 8-10
    Virtual students use link
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  • RDMS: Report cards and STAR reading scores will be sent home with students tomorrow, October 22.

    Friday, October 23 is a Virtual Day for all students/staff. Students will stay home and are expected to complete their work from home on this day.

    Parent/Teacher conferences will be scheduled between October 26-30 and November 2-6. If you would like to schedule a 15 minute conference with your child's teacher, please email their teacher. These conferences will either be held via phone conference, or Zoom.
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  • RDMS Schedule Pickups and Virtual Learning Information is below, please click the link that is specific to your student.


    Virtual meeting dates: August 6 from 1-4 and August 7 from 9-12/1-4

    Vitual Learners grades 5-7


    5th Grade Cat Camp dates: August 10/11 from 9-12/1-3:45

    5th Grade Cat Camp


    6th/7th Grade Schedule Pickup dates: August 18-21 from 8:30-11:30/1-4

    6th/7th Grade Schedule Pickup


    At this time, students are not going to use lockers. Students will be allowed to carry a backpack to their classes.