• July 29, 2020


    Dear Jim Stone Families,


    We are happy to share with you our current plan for re-engagement and re-opening of our elementary school. We will keep you informed as to any modifications we have to make over the next few weeks before school starts.


    Face Coverings:

    • Students in elementary school are not required to wear face coverings at this time; however, we do strongly encourage all students to wear them anytime they are within six feet of another person.
    • All staff members will be required to wear masks whenever they are within six feet of any other individual.


    Before School:

    • All students will report to their homerooms when they arrive on campus unless they are eating breakfast. 
    • Students who eat breakfast at school will go to the cafeteria and social distancing will be implemented through spacing of seats. 
    • All school breakfasts will be served by food service staff behind the serving line unless the food item is already completely wrapped/enclosed (i.e. students will select their milk from the milk cooler).  All school breakfasts will be served on disposable trays and disposable utensils will be used.



    • Our cafeteria will still be used for all lunches.
    • In order to implement social distancing, lunch schedules may have to be revamped so that fewer students are at lunch at a time.  This will allow for more space between students.  We will inform parents of lunch times prior to August 24.
    • At this time, lunch visitors will not be allowed.  We will welcome lunch visitors as soon as we have permission to do so.
    • All school lunches will be served by food service staff behind the serving line unless the food item is already completely wrapped/enclosed (i.e. students will select their milk from the milk cooler).  All school lunches will be served on disposable trays and disposable utensils will be used.





    • Students will be distanced appropriately in the dismissal areas.
    • Parents will wait in the car rider lines as usual.  Students will be dismissed from their designated grade level areas as they have in years past. Kindergarten and fourth grade students will be dismissed at the front entrance; first and second grades will be dismissed from the south loop (by the track); third grade will be dismissed from the north loop (by the safe room). All siblings will go with the younger sibling to their assigned area.
    • Bus riders and daycare van riders will remain in classrooms until busses and vans arrive on campus. Students will use specific doorways to get to the bus and van areas in order to decrease the number of students in the hallways.
    • Specific dismissal times will be announced prior to August 24.  



    • Staff members are working to remove any unnecessary items from classrooms in order to allow for social distancing as much as possible.
    • Every effort will be made to provide distance but not limit students’ ability to interact and communicate with others in their classroom.
    • Supplies and materials will not be readily shared by students.
    • Cleaning supplies that meet regulations will be provided for each classroom so desks and other classroom areas can be sanitized throughout the school day.


    Field Trips and Assemblies:

    • Off campus field trips will be temporarily suspended until regulations change but teachers will be utilizing virtual field trips with their classes.
    • All school assemblies will take place either virtually or by grade level.


    Activity Classes:

    • Students will continue to have activity classes each week.
    • Activity classes will be sanitized after one class exits and before another class enters.



    • Where possible, there will be “one-way” student traffic in the hallways in order to decrease crowding.
    • In other areas, traveling on the right side of the hallway will continue, with student transitions being staggered as much as possible.
    • Daily schedules have been revised to prevent multiple grade levels in the hallway at the same time.
    • Students will line up with an arms-length of space in between one another in the cafeteria and hallways.



    • Students will continue to have outdoor play time. 
    • Playground equipment will be sanitized regularly.  


    Water Fountains:

    • All push bar water fountains are turned off, but students will be allowed to bring their own bottles of water each day.
    • We will have two bottle fillers for students to utilize for their reusable water bottles.



    • Screening questions for all include:
      • Have you had a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher in the last 2 days?
      • Have you had a cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell?
      • Have you been in contact with a person known to be infected with COVID-19 within the previous 14 days?
    • Staff will self-screen before coming to school.
    • Parents will screen their own children before sending them to school.
    • Visitors are only allowed into the office area and must wear a facial covering.


    Cleaning Procedures:

    • Disinfecting and sanitizing are continually a high priority with even more attention to high touch surfaces and restrooms.
    • Electrostatic foggers have been purchased and will be used daily to take care of viruses on floors and touch surfaces.
    • Time will be protected for hand washing/sanitizing.
    • Students will be asked to sanitize their hands each time they leave and enter a new space.


    Parent Orientation:

    • Orientation will be virtual this year.  Administrator and teacher videos will be created and shared with families. 


    Thank you for your continued trust in our school.  We will communicate any updates to our plans before school begins.






    Mark Lewis, Ed.S.