Unfortunately, due to Covid - 19, we are not allowed to have our Annual Fall Festival.  As a result, we are allowing students to wear costumes to school on Thursday, October 29.  This is optional and not required.  We will keep with our traditional theme of Fall Festival.  This will still be a normal day of learning with a little extra fun mixed in.

    Students must still wear masks per social distancing guidelines.

    Extra fun activities

    • Fall Festival Dance Off

      • After morning announcements a song will be played

      • The teacher will submit the name of the student with the best dance moves

    • Fall Festival Staff Member Hunt

      • Students will be given clues about certain staff members. When they figure out who the staff member is they can go get a fall treat from them

    • Fall Festival Costume

    One student from each class will win a small prize for the most unique Fall Festival Costume


    JLM Fall Festival Costume Day