CPSD School-Based Mental Health Services

  • Why School Based Mental Health?

    When students are struggling, learning becomes more challenging.  Students in crisis may miss class more often or have trouble paying attention when they are in class. Allowing access to mental health services within the student’s own school provides students a familiar environment to address their needs, helping to establish a stronger foundation for student learning. 

    CPSD Mental Health Partners

    Conway Public Schools has a partnership with two area agencies to help families and schools meet students' mental health needs.  

    Counseling Associates

    Counseling Associates (CA), an affiliate of Arisa Health, delivers the highest quality services designed and delivered in a way that respects and enhances the independence and decision making of the person served while conforming to national accreditation standards. CA School Based Mental Health program has provided quality school based services in the state of Arkansas for almost 20 years. CA understands that school based mental health services are essential in assessing, planning, linking, monitoring and advocating for the mental health needs of children and families. CA school based therapists are available to assist children and families, to provide services on site in the schools, to refer for other necessary services based on the client needs, and to provide support, training and intervention to the child, family and educational staff.  Services available through CA School Based Mental Health program include individual, group, collateral and family therapies, a full-time Child Psychiatrist who provides assessments and medication management, after-school and summer programs, case management services, 24 hour/7 day a week crisis on call services, and substance abuse services.  

    Agency Website: https://caiinc.org/
    Agency Phone Number: 501-336-8300
    Non-Emergency Warm Line: 1-833-236-2131
    Counseling Associates School Referral Form


    Pinnacle Point Behavioral Healthcare

    The tenured staff of therapists, psychiatrists, and qualified behavioral health providers at The Pointe is passionate and dedicated to providing our clients with specific, individualized plans that focus on the unique needs of each patient. Therapists at The Pointe are trained in evidence-based approaches to offer the best outcomes for the individuals and families looking to lead better lives.

    The Pointe also provides outpatient services through community-based programs that strengthen families and help children be successful in home, community, and school environments. Partnerships with PCP office and schools offer a variety of ways to provide on-site outpatient counseling and physician services. 

    Agency Website: https://thepointebhs.com/
    Contact Number: 501-336-0511
    Pinnacle Point School Referral Form

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What's Next?

  • If you are interested in services for either of these programs, complete the referral form linked above and submit the form to your school's counselor.