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Conway Schools' Superintendent Will Retire in 2021

Superintendent Dr. Greg Murry will retire from the Conway School District after the 2020-21 School year.

Murry’s resignation, given by letter to members of the Conway School Board, was approved by the board Tuesday evening.

Murry has served the Conway Public Schools’ students, faculty, and staff as their Superintendent for the last 13 years.  Before coming to Conway, he was the Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs in the Springdale School District.

He taught choral music in the Pulaski County Special School District before entering administration.

In July of 2007, Murry and his wife Karen moved to Conway to start what would be the last phase of his educational career.

“I have truly enjoyed working with Greg Murry since he came to Conway,” says Brad Lacy, President and CEO of the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce. “He quickly engaged as a true community leader- not just within the school district. He has been a visionary and steward of a public school district that is directly connected to our ability to sustain economic growth. But for all of his accomplishments in the community and within the district, the most important thing about Greg Murry is his character. He is one of the good guys.”

Since coming to Conway Schools, Murry has brought the district to the forefront in many areas. In 2010, the community overwhelmingly passed a millage increase of 1.9 mills for the construction of an additional elementary school (Carolyn Lewis Elementary) and the new Conway High School. District leaders remember Dr. Murry’s passion for communicating his vision as the determining factor in making this major undertaking a success.

“Dr. Murry reached out to many in the Conway district and community for input and gained their support,” says Susan McNabb, former Conway School Board Member. McNabb served on the school board for 10 years, the last 7 with Murry.  “He asked questions and listened to responses- positive and negative. It was an exciting time as we moved forward with the millage campaign and it passed! Dr. Murry was awesome at keeping the board informed of all the details during the construction. He guided and reassured the high school staff during the transition period, He made this an enjoyable process- and now Conway High School is a beautiful campus.” 

McNabb says Murry will be remembered for many outstanding accomplishments, including bringing his financial wisdom and solid financial practices to the district, and establishing the pattern of using the surplus funds from the end of each fiscal year to remodel one school building each summer, extending the longevity of the existing facilities. He also gave the school board annual opportunities to see each school firsthand, helping them make more informed decisions for the district. 

Current members of the school board agree, calling Murry’s retirement “bittersweet.”

“Dr. Murry has had a tremendous career in Public Education and we have been able to reap the benefits of it at his peak,” says Trip Leach, current President of the Conway Schools Board of Education. “I have personally been observing Dr. Murry's leadership closely for six years now, and not one time did he fail to meet my expectations as a board member, and oftentimes he exceeded them!  He has served the community of Conway well and his legacy here will no doubt continue as we seek out new leadership.” 

In his letter of retirement, Murry thanked the school board for giving him the opportunity to serve in a position he enjoyed and a district he loved so much.

“It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve you, this district, our magnificent staff, and our incredible students,” Murry wrote. “”Thank you for the privilege to do so.”

Murry’s retirement plans include more time with his family. He says he and Karen are looking forward to a new phase of life as full-time grandparents.