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Career-Ready High School Seniors

Students holding certificates

Ten students from Conway High School recently earned National Career Readiness Certificates.   

The Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate is being promoted through the Governor’s office and the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services in an effort to ensure that a newly hired employee has the skills required for 21st century jobs. 

The CRC certifies that a person has core employability skills required across multiple industries and occupations.  The certificate will help distinguish job seekers from the competition and help them enhance their workplace skills. 

Arkansas has joined twenty other states who have implemented the certification as a part of workforce development.

     The interns participated in KeyTrain instruction during the fall semester.  This instruction included targeted, self-paced instruction in three areas:   Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information.  This determined their eligibility to take the WorkKeys assessments. 

      Colby Thompson earned the highest level of certification, “Platinum.” This level indicates that he has skills required for approximately 99% of jobs profiled by WorkKeys.     

          The following students earned “Gold” level certification:  Kalina DeRusse, Jaylen LaPierre, Aspen Turnage, and Hannah Gordon.  This level shows that they have core employability skills for approximately 90% of jobs profiled by WorkKeys.

     Interns Seth Daniel, Ta’Kiya Hutchinson, Tasharia Marshall, and Isaac Valdez each earned the “Silver” level of certification, meaning they have employability skills for approximately 65% of the jobs profiled by WorkKeys.

     Student Olivia Gist earned a “Bronze” certification, indicating she has skills for 30% of jobs profiled by WorkKeys.