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Core Values Champion- Denisha Knapp

Denisha Knapp, SPED Paraprofessional, Conway High School
“Mrs. Knapp is a 1:10 paraprofessional who works with Mrs. Haynes and our Special Education students. Mrs. Knapp shows up to work everyday with a smile and has the most infectious attitude. She is full of positive energy and she is always willing to help other teachers without being asked. She is a wonderful team member.  She loves ALL students like they are hers. It is impossible to be in a bad mood around Mrs. Knapp. She laughs, she dances, and she loves our CHS kiddos. Outside of work, she volunteers everyday to help elementary students with the HALO crosswalk program started by our City Attorney, Mr. Charles Finkenbinder and further cultivates community relationships. She also volunteers with Special Olympics and it is not uncommon for her to catch a Conway Braves baseball game to support her current and former students at their outside of school activities.”

“Denisha goes above and beyond daily to meet the needs of everyone around her. She goes out of her way to seek students out that she knows are struggling even when they are not directly in her care. Denisha is a coworker who makes us all better. She is constantly a bright spot in our tough days. She encourages and lifts us up regardless of what she is going through herself. She loves with her whole heart and will do whatever it takes to make sure all the people around her succeed.”