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Core Values Champion- David Craddock

"I would love to highlight a special person at Ellen Smith. Mr. David Craddock is one of our fabulous custodians. He always works hard to keep our building clean. But, above that...he is kind and welcoming to all of our students. One of my intervention students has become especially fond of Mr. David. Fernando LOVES to talk about all things weather and science... and he has found the perfect listener. Every day when he leaves my classroom, he wears a huge grin because he knows Mr. David will be waiting for him. Mr. David inquired about what time Fernando walks back to his classroom and said, "If at all possible, I will be in the hall at that time every day." This friendship has really helped Fernando to open up and also to build his confidence as he is learning a new language. I am quite certain that their relationship means just as much to Mr. David and all of the rest of us who are blessed to witness it!"