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CHS Student Raises Money for Food Boxes

Students at Conway High School faced many disappointments during the 2020 spring semester.

The Spring Musical was cancelled, the basketball team missed playing in the state championship, other spring sports like soccer, baseball and track couldn't play at all, and the 2020 Prom was also called off. But Junior Maggie Batson not only took those in stride, she decided to help others in the face of the disappointments she and her fellow students faced.

"Prom has been canceled and though this is upsetting, we can use this as an opportunity to help our fellow students," Batson said. "Tickets to prom are usually $20, but we are asking you to donate half of that to the school's box lunches program."

Calling her fundraising campaign #HungerPROMise2020, she set up a GOFundMe account to collect the donations. And people responded with enthusiasm.

Batson extended the fundraiser in April, after Arkansas' Governor announced that schools would remain closed for the remainder of the school year.

"COVID-19 gave some Conway students an unexpected Spring Break extension. But while some students are celebrating, others are left without stable meals for the next few weeks," said Batson.

The grand total for her fundraiser was $2,056.

"It's really special to see one of our students giving and helping other students," said CPSD Director of Support Services Jason Lawrence, who received the check from Batson on behalf of Food Services. "Maggie has a heart of gold, and her efforts have helped so many kids and encouraged all of our staff during this time."