Meal Program

RDMS: The federal government has extended a nationwide waiver giving free meals to all CPSD students through December 31st.

What you need to know:

Because of funding regulations, we must still determine a student’s meal status (Free, Reduced, or Paid) this fall.

If you qualify or think you qualify for Free or Reduced lunch this year, please complete the application now.

The waiver applies to both breakfast and lunch each school day.

The waiver applies to all meals purchased beginning Monday August 31st. So- if your student purchased any meals this week, their account will be credited.

A la carte choices are not included under this waiver. These items must be paid for at the time of service.

The waiver does not affect outstanding lunch balances from last year. If you owe money on your child’s account, please take care of these charges.

The waiver currently extends through the end of the fall semester, and we will begin charging student accounts according to meal status in January.