Slime our Principals!

ES: So, you’ve all been wondering where Mrs. King and Mrs. Carter’s bucket is!! Well, they are in for a surprise! They have no idea, but they are getting slimed too!! Next week only, Monday to Wednesday we are selling raffle tickets for 10 super slime soakers! Yes, 10 students will win a super slime soaker to SLIME the principal and assistant principal!! You can buy a raffle ticket for .50 cents each and we will draw 10 names to receive the super soaker and those 10 students will drench Mrs. King and Mrs. Carter on Thursday, May 13 during the LIVE SLIME event! Bring your .50 cents to the office Monday-Wednesday to have your name entered in the drawing! The 10 winners will get to take their slime soaker home with them!! It’s going to be a BLAST!!

P.S. Coach S is behind. Get those coins in by Wednesday!!