AP STUDENTS Chromebook/Textbook/Conway Corp Modem Collection

Students who are taking the June 1 through June 11 AP Exams - If your student is taking an AP Exam between June 1 and June 11, they will be allowed to continue to use their school-issued Chromebook and AP textbooks until testing is complete. Your student’s Chromebook and textbooks will be collected on Monday June 14 and Tuesday Jun 15. Fines and fees for damaged or missing Chromebooks:

Replacing Screen ($50)
Replacing Keyboard/Touchpad ($50)
Total Chromebook Replacement ($180)
If your student was given a district-issued hotspot, that will need to be returned as well. 

Please read message below from Conway Corporation regarding modems: 

“If you have been receiving free internet service from Conway Corporation this year,  it is time to return that equipment as well. Conway Corp cable modems and cords must be returned to your child’s school by May 28th.

To uninstall your Conway-Corp modem, please disconnect the cable cord from the back of the modem by unscrewing the connector counter clockwise. Return both the modem and power cord to the school with your Chromebook. 

For more help on how to disconnect the modem, please call Conway Corp at 501-450-6000.”

“Si ha estado recibiendo servicio gratuito de Internet del Conway Corporation este año, es hora de devolver ese equipo también. Los cables módems y cables de Conway Corp deben devolverse a la escuela de su hijo antes del Miércoles 28 de Mayo.  Para desinstalar su módem Conway-Corp, desconecte el cable de la parte trasera del módem desenroscando el conector en sentido contrario. Devuelva el módem y el cable eléctrico a la escuela con tu Chromebook.

Para obtener más ayuda sobre cómo desconectar el módem, llame a Conway Corp y pida al Español al 501-450-6000."