CSMS: Gym Guidelines for Basketball Games at CSMS

CSMS Families:

As you know, basketball season is gearing up with our first basketball game tonight against Courtway. We feel it is important for all of our Carl Stuart fans to understand our modified procedures for entering the gym and for viewing games in light of COVID-19.

1) All spectators must correctly wear a face mask at all times when inside the gymnasium. Face masks must be at least two layers thick and must be worn to completely cover the mouth, the bridge of the nose, and the chin. Entry into the gymnasium will not be permitted for anyone without a face mask.
2) Seating for fans will be extremely limited. Priority will be given to immediate family members of players. We ask that family members stay only for the games in which their child is playing and leave once that time has occurred. We plan to play girl games first and boy games second, so families of girl players should enter the gym first and then leave the gym to make room for families of boy players. This will allow enough seating for everyone to be able to safely see their children play.
3) Individual students or groups of students unaccompanied by parents are discouraged from attending games due to limitations in seating. Again, immediate family members of players have priority for seating.
4) Fan seating will be on the west side of the gym in sections A & B. Players will be seated on the far side of the gym under sections C & D. No spectators will be permitted to mingle with players. Family units should remain at least one “paw print” away from another family unit.
5) No loitering will be permitted in the lobby of the gymnasium. Families who are transitioning to the gym to watch the boys’ games should remain in their vehicles until time for those games.
6) No concessions will be sold or provided. Additionally, outside food or beverage is not allowed to be brought into the gymnasium.
7) Any person or persons not following the requirements will receive a warning to comply and/or may be escorted from the gymnasium without refund upon continued failure to comply with guidelines.

We appreciate you all for helping us to keep our basketball season running smoothly and safely for everyone. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Dr. Chris Barnes, Principal