CSMS Announcements 5.3.2021

CSMS Announcements 5.3.2021
Students who have lost their chargers and do not have insurance need to pay $35 to replace them. Bring this money to Mrs. Rehm in the library. If the student has insurance they need to see Mrs. Rehm where she can give them a replacement and file it on their insurance. Chromebooks and their chargers will be taken up on Thursday, May 27. Students will not be keeping them during the summer.

If you have been receiving free internet service from Conway Corporation this year, it is time to return that equipment as well. Conway Corp cable modems and cords must be returned to your child’s school by May 28th.
To uninstall your Conway-Corp modem, please disconnect the cable cord from the back of the modem by unscrewing the connector counterclockwise. Return both the modem and power cord to the school with your Chromebook.
For more help on how to disconnect the modem, please call Conway Corp at 501-450-6000.

As always, we will be conducting some activities at the end of the year. Below is a tentative timetable for these activities. Schedules will be provided closer to time.
Monday, May 24--Yearbook Signing Bash
Tuesday, May 25--Awards Ceremonies
Wednesday, May 26--End-of-Year Behavior Bash
Thursday, May 27--Chromebooks returned and inventoried--Report Cards passed out 6th Period
Friday, May 28--Blended Learning Friday--LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

Upcoming Events
May 13 - CSMS Choir Concert - 6:00 pm @ CHS John McConnell Stadium
May 18 - Beginner Band Recording @ 12:30-3pm
May 19 - 7th Grade Band Recording @ 12:30-3pm
May 24 - Yearbook Signing Party Day
May 25 - Awards Ceremonies
May 26 - End-of-Year Behavior Bash Day
May 27 - Chromebooks/Chargers Return Day
Report Cards Passed Out
May 28 - Last Day of School